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17 COLOR POLYPROPYLENE Strong Thick Strap Webbing 25mm 30 40 50mm Like Nylon 537


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* Nylon Webbing  *



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Item Details

Width..25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm Sizes are approximate.

Thickness.. Approx 1.5mm
Length..1m, 2m or 4m+

We always try and send continuous if multiples are purchased in the same basket.


Uses..Great quality webbing that comes in a great range of colours. Can be used for bag handles, rucksack straps, dog leads etc.

The more you buy the cheaper it will works out per metre.

Please look carefully at all the photos as they will help in selecting your item.

I have shown examples of the webbing with buckles as examples of what you can make but the buckles do not come with this item. If you do want buckles we sell lots of designs and colours in our shop.

If you have any questions please ask.

302405730799   Range of 22 colour 25mm plastic buckles

283192740550 for webbing end clips


372035722182   Range of 22 30mm plastic buckles.

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Thanks for looking.





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