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22 COLOR 25mm Plastic Side Release Clip Buckle Webbing Bag Strap BUY 1 2 4 8 799


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* Buckle 25mm  *



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Item Details

This is a buy it now for buckles that will take a 25mm webbing, elastic tape etc.

We have a excellent range of colours that will coordinate with projects you may have.

To get the best idea of the colour please look at the image where the buckles have letters on them. This give the best example of how the colour looks.

We have also shown them with some of the webbing and elastics that we sell.

We also do other fixing in our shop in both metal and plastic.

You can purchase 1, 2, 4 or 8 using the drop down selection box.

The more you buy the cheaper they work out each.

We also sell this range in 30mm in another listing.




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