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30 COLOUR 50mm Cotton Rich Herringbone Twill Webbing Strap Bag Handle 1 2 4m 471


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* 50mm Cotton Rich Herringbone Tape  *



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Item Details

This is a quality 50mm cotton 76% and polyamide 24% herringbone textured twill tape.

This is a very popular item.

If you buy multiples of a colour we will try and send continuos.


The polyamide give the cotton strength which helps it for items that will be under tension or will have a tendency to wears.

The tape is approximately 1mm thick.

Its main application will be bag handles, straps on shoulder bags, webbing on chairs for kids, horse blanket bindings etc.

For some application it could be folded over (possibly filled with wadding or cord) to produce a stronger narrower strap.

It comes in 28 colours which is a great range that no one else on ebay comes close to.

Please use the drop down selection box to choose colour and length required (1, 2, 4 or 8 metres).


 have tried to show as many images as possible to help with your purchase.


The more you buy the cheaper they work out each.

Thanks for looking and please check out our other item.

We do hundreds of haberdashery, upholstery, trims, webbings, threads, cords, buttons, ribbons and the list just goes on.





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