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40 STYLE Uniquely Different Natural Wood Horn Light Blind Cord Pull Ends 876


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Item Details

Material..Wood, Horn

Uses..These come in large and small so good for main lightpulls, blind pulls and also wall lights, bedside lamps etc.

This is a buy it now for a range of natural wood and horn pulls.
These are a range of large decorative natural beads that have been converted for use as pulls. (CORDS SHOWN ARE NOT PROVIDED. THESE HAVE TO BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY)

Please check the size when buying so you know you are buying something that will look appropriate to the job in hand.

You can purchase either 1, 2 or 4 at a time using the drop down box.
The size indicated is the approximate top to bottom length of the pull.

The cords they are shown on are 2mm and we sell a wide range colours (in our ebay listings) if you want to compliment your room..

The more you buy the cheaper it will works out per item.

Please look carefully at all the photos as they will help in selecting your item.

371436852490   Range of metal pulls.

302522508514   Another range of metal pulls.

If you have any questions please ask.

Thanks for looking.


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