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46 COLOUR 5mm Cord Bag Rope Lacing Coat Lanyard Jacket Braided BUY 1 2 4 8m+ 257


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Length..1m, 2m, 4m, 8m+

We always try and send continuous if multiples are purchased in the same basket.

Uses..This is a buy it now for 5mm cord usually used for lacing but has a lot more potential than just that.
It is a 5mm cord but some people would call it flat cord as well (about 6mm when pushed flat).
The inside that some cords have is not there so although round in construction it will lay flat as can be seen in some of the images.
This allows it to tie better and in some respects makes it look nicer than fully round cord. This also gives it the benefit of being sewn into items easier as it will lay flat. Application would incluse tabs on backs of chair pads, toggle loops, appliqué direct onto fabric. loops on bags etc.
When used in lacing mode there is a huge amount of colours to choose from to suit your project. suitable for shoes, anorak bottoms and hoods, track suit, hoodies, basque etc
Please use the drop down selection box to choose colour and length.
If pulled there is about a 5% stretched which allows it to stretch with the body. A non stretch cord would cut into the body and hurt after a while..

The more you buy the cheaper it will work out per metre.

Please look carefully at all the photos as they will help in selecting your item.



If you have any questions please ask.



Thanks for looking.




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