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6 COLOUR Metal Jingle Bells Christmas Charm Craft 6 10 20mm BUY 25 50 100 200


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* Bells 6mm, 10mm, 20mm  *



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Item Details

This my buy it now for jingle bells which I have managed to get in both the normal gold and silver but also in a range of more unusual metal effects.

These will give your project a more individual look and because some have a patina finish will give the item a more oldy worldy or shabby chic look.

I have them in 3 sizes (6mm, 10mm, 20mm), 6 finishes and different pack quantities.

Please use the drop down box to select the colour, bell size and pack size required.

The smaller bells although do make a noise it is more of a rattle than a jingle. It is only with the larger 20mm that the noise is a proper jingle.

Occasionally some of the bells may not have a rattle but bell packs do contain extra bells to compensate for any problems.

I have shown the photos of the 20mm bells. The 6 and 10mm are the same type of bell.

If you are unsure of the size please use a rule so you know what you are 1 lock per pack.

The more you buy the cheaper they work out each.



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