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7 TYPE Black Plastic Push Spring Toggle Cord End Lock Stop Coat Bag BUY 2 8 072


SKU: 282704066072 Categories: ,


* One and Two Hole Toggles *



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Item Details

7 styles of black spring toggles.

We have a nice range of styles that will coordinate with projects you may have.

They will all take 3mm/4mm and some up to 5mm.

The ones more suitable for the larger size are the box and grenade. Other ones will also but may not slide as easily along.

You can purchase 2, 4 or 8 using the drop down selection box.

If you select random pick you you will get a mixed selection of toggles. I will try to give a wide as selection as possible (especially useful if you want samples before buying in bulk). You cannot choose the ones you get.


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