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20 COLOUR Quality Clothing Elastic 25 38 50mm Soft Feel Wide BUY 1 2 4m 781 xxx


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* Quality Prym Elastic  *



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Item Details

Top of the range coloured and patterned elastic made by Prym.

There are 10 coloured double sided plain elastic. This is a strong but has soft feel to it. Good if it will be touching skin.

There are 10 single sided pattern elastic. Useful if you want to add some design to a garment.

This elastic is meant to be seen so is of high quality.

Uses could be cumberbands,possibly cuff, belts etc.

Please use the drop down selection box to choose style and length required. 0.5, 1m, 2m or 4m.

The more you buy the cheaper they work out each.





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