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11 COLOUR LARGE Glass Mixed Handmade Indian Jewellery Craft Making BUY 50g 100g


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* Indian Large Beads *



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Item Details

Size..from 6mm to 30mm on average.

Indian beads are handmade and each one is different even if only slightly. They are made in a way where clay is left in the centre so can be dusty when they arrive. A quick wash in hot soapy water will bring out the colour. 10% extra is provided in the pack to compensate for any that may be damaged in transport.



Uses..Decoration, necklaces, costume jewellery, etc.

The more you buy the cheaper it will works out per item.

We have a large range of Indian beads on sale in our shop.

Please look carefully at all the photos as they will help in selecting your item.


If you have any questions please ask.



Thanks for looking.




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