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30 Vibrant Colours Top Stitch Extra Strong And Sew All Thread Gutermann Thick


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Length..Top Stitch 30m Reels and Sew All 100m Reels


This is a buy it now for Gutermann thread.
You can choose from
strong "Top Stitch" thread (30 metres per reel), which is what you get
on jeans so you have an idea of the thickness. It is can be used on
upholstery, canvass, bean bags, jeans, leather jackets etc where a
strong thread is required.
"Sew All" Thread (100 metres). This is the most popular thread for normal sewing. ie curtains, dresses, etc

They are both polyester and a quality product.
am selling the full range of top stitch colours along with the
corresponding sew all threads. I have had to place in separate listings
due to ebay listing limits.

You can buy by using the drop down box EITHER

One reel of "Top Stitch" in your colour
Two reels of "Top Stitch" in your colour
One reel of "Sew All" in your colour
Two reels of "Sew All" in your colour
One roll of "Sew all" and one of "Top Stitch" in your colour.

only supply numbers so I have tried to help by giving the items
colours. This is my interpretation as best as possible.
I am selling
the Gutermann colour chart that has real thread swatches in another
listing for people who are professional and would like an actual " REAL"
colour chart..

The more you buy the cheaper it will work out per reel.

Please look carefully at all the photos as they will help in selecting your item.