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Gutermann Holographic Glitter Hand or Machine Embroidery Sewing Thread BUY 1 2


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* Gutermann Holoshimmer Thread *



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Quality Gutermann Brand.

Metallic holographic effect thread for sewing, craft use.

Colours have a glitter effect and also shine other colours of the rainbow depending on lighting conditions.

Because of the nature of this product images are a representation of one lighting condition. In other lighting conditions colours/brightness will be different.

Holoshimmer is a holographic metallic foil thread that makes embroidered motifs sparkle and glisten like diamonds.

The metallised foil creates especially attractive effects when used for embroidered motifs with wide satin stitch in a low stitch density.

200m per reel.

Can be used for machine or hand sewing.

You can buy 1 or 2 reels using the selection box.

The more you buy the cheaper the reels works out each.




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